Active Fit

Quality and performance should be measured by what isn’t noticed as much as by what is. Our determination has always been to remove any barrier to movement whilst ensuring that you remain fully protected.

Building on fundamental principles and proven success that stretches back over decades, we worked for nearly two years with a specialist Swiss pattern house in our quest to make the best fitting mountain Hardshells available. To produce a range of outer layers that could accommodate the full range of movement necessary for hard climbing yet that could also be tailored according to the layers that were likely to be worn underneath.

Developed from the ground-up, the resulting range of fit ‘blocks’ map the 3-dimensional shape of the body as closely as possible, eradicating unnecessary bulk and weight whilst keeping you protected through a full range of motion. Available in both women’s and men’s specific versions, our Mountain Fit, Alpine Fit and Active Fit ‘blocks’ feature fully balanced shoulder patterns, reversed camber centre front zip seams and pre-shaped arms. Purpose built as the definitive all-round mountain block; designed to be close-fitting yet still able to accommodate a full quota of under layering garments. Cut and graded for those who prefer a slightly closer fitting Hardshell, its key innovation lies in the shaping it affords between waist and shoulders. To help eradicate ‘bagging’ when leant over, our Alpine Fit features a reversed camber centre front seam which unlike a straight seam naturally pulls the front half of the jacket in around the body. This has been combined with a completely new shoulder block, which effectively re-balances the distribution of fabric between the front chest, rear shoulder and bicep. The Alpine Fit provides greater comfort whilst retaining its slightly closer fitting form through a wider range of movement.

The newest fit ‘block’ to emerge from our collaborative efforts with Swiss pattern cutting experts, our Active Fit is the closest fitting of all our shell blocks. To eradicate unwanted weight and bulk, when fitted over lightweight layers, it is exceptionally precise and highly tailored. With a fully balanced shoulder block, reversed camber centre front seam and pre-shaped arms, it has been perfected for those moving fast and light in the mountains.