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Down 800

Down is the finest insulator that we have. Its warmth to weight ratio, compressibility, long lifespan, and softness are yet to be matched by manmade insulations.

Our goose down is among the very finest downs in the world. Sourced from Western Russia, with a down cluster content exceeding 90%. It is individually batch-tested to ensure its fill power exceeds 800, and it regularly exceeds 850. As with all of our down, it is DOWN CODEX audited.

As with all of our down, it is a by-product of the food industry. Our highest quality goose down is fully traceable with raw material sourced from the Rostov region of Western Russia. Our audit shows that there are 2 farms located within a 30km radius which supply raw material to a processor. The processing site includes a single slaughterhouse, integrated hatchery and mother goose farm. Transportation of birds from the farms to slaughterhouse takes less than 1 hour. Both grey and white geese are reared, being fed on corn and grains in truly free-range conditions with free access to natural grazing and water. Veterinary support is available on-site daily. After pre-washing, down is sent to Germany for final processing. For more information see the Down Codex website.
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