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Gore Thermium

For extreme conditions, GORE® THERMIUM™ will protect against exposure to moisture thanks to its durably light, exceptionally breathable and rain-resistant membrane. With an incredibly light 10 denier outer face fabric and protective PTFE membrane it weighs just 38 g/m² yet will defend against snowfall, snow-melt and the effects of condensation; ensuring that down maintains its loft even in cold and damp conditions.


At Mountain Equipment we divide our shell fabrics into two types: those that are highly water resistant and those that are not. Water resistant outer fabrics offer the benefit of protecting the whole bag from the effects of moisture. Fabrics without a highly water resistant coating or membrane offer the advantages of being lighter and more breathable. Fabric technology is advancing all the time and we continually seek out those fabrics that offer the lowest weight, maximum breathability, compressibility and comfort. Go back to the top