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Polartec Alpha

Mountain Equipment and Polartec® have been working closely together for decades. Polartec® have a long history, existing as Malden Mills since 1906, but their 1981 invention of the modern synthetic fleece is what they are best known for, and which started a revolution in the outdoor market.

Mountain Equipment was one of the outdoor industry's early adopters of Polartec's Alpha®, a fabric technology originally developed for the United States' Special Forces who demanded a more adaptable and comfortable form of insulation.

Polartec® Alpha® is a unique, patented, adaptive insulation. Much more breathable than traditional wadding insulations, Alpha's lofted fibers are connected to a mesh core give it enhanced air permeability. While it offers lower levels of warmth for a given weight than a traditional synthetic wadding, its greater wearability, softness, and breathability mean it is better suited for active use. Polartec® Alpha® is inherently hydrophobic so resists moisture and dries incredibly fast. Go back to the top