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Pontetorto® are a family-run fabric mill based in Italy. They have been making fabrics there since 1952 and we have been a close partner with Pontetorto® for approximately ten years.

Tecnostretch is Pontetorto's line of highly technical fleece fabrics combining a relatively abrasion resistant and durable outer face, exceptional elasticity, and high thermal insulation with a meagre weight. They are jersey fabrics with a pile (micro-grid) 'waffle fleece' inside that traps heat while elasticity between the face and reverse gives maximum comfort and performance.

These are our highest performing fleece fabrics for when maximum warmth, comfort, stretch, and durability are called for. They are pro partner and staff favourites alike and have been used on practically all of our team's newsworthy expeditions in the last decade. Go back to the top