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Synthetic insulation works best when you need it the most. It thrives in bad conditions, where its superior water resistance and real-life durability are most important. We've been working with it for 50 years, and have repeatedly innovated in this area, from the introduction of hollow fill insulations to the use of continuous filament insulations.

While down insulation grabs the headlines for its warmth to weight ratio, loft and comfort, synthetic insulation’s superior route-proof nature means it will keep working when most down insulated kit has given up and gone home. This is why it’s an essential part of our range and a crucial part in any alpinist’s gear cupboard. Stamping your feet at the belay and windmilling your arms to get the blood following as the snow pours down, this is where synthetics earn their keep.

PrimaLoft® has been the outdoor industry’s leading synthetic insulation for over a decade. Originally developed for the US military who required an insulation that would work in any conditions and provide the most warmth for its weight, PrimaLoft® soon found its way into the outdoor industry. That PrimaLoft® was patented under the name ‘artificial down’ gives you a good idea of the high standards PrimaLoft® were gunning for.

Out of the great swathe of insulations that PrimaLoft® now offer, we only use PrimaLoft® Gold. It is their finest fibrous insulation offering the highest possible warmth to weight ratio, exceptional compressibility, longevity, and weatherproofness. PrimaLoft® Gold has a silicone coating which makes the fibre extremely water resistant and thus warm when wet (or at least, as warm as it can be). The silicone coating also makes the fibre slippery and thus gives it an unmistakeable smooth and reassuring feel which helps PrimaLoft® garments move well over other layers.
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