Care and Washing - Down Clothing

Down Clothing

Down clothing needs looking after to keep it working effectively and to make it last a lifetime.

Care Tips

It is best to avoid getting your down jacket dirty, as washing is a fairly time consuming process and does ultimately damage the fill a little.

The fabrics and fill do eventually get dirty which will mean the jacket ends up not keeping you as warm as it could.


Try not to keep you jacket in it’s stuffsac, or on a coathanger.

Loosely packed in a storage bag in a clean dry space is the best place to put them away for the summer.

Washing and Drying

Always follow the washing instructions on the garment as we use a variety of face fabrics and trims which need different washing treatments.

Spread the jacket out to drip dry, then air, not just over the washing line but fairly flat on a rack if you can.

To Hand Wash Down Clothing

Wash your down jacket by hand in lukewarm water, using a natural soap or even better a specific down soap which is available from outdoor stores.

When the jacket is wet, care must be taken to avoid tearing the baffles which keep the down in place inside the jacket.

Keep the jacket fairly flat in the sink or bath when washing and only gently move the garment around in the water, avoid picking it up out of the water or wringing it in any way.

Squeeze excess water out when rinsing by pushing the garment against the bottom of the sink.

It is really important to rinse the garment well, use a lot of water and rinse as much as you can.

The worst thing to do is to leave traces of soap in the down as this will absorb moisture and dirt.

After the final rinse, gently squeeze out as much water as possible in the manner described above, then leave it to drain for a while.

Spread the jacket out to drip dry, then air, not just over the washing line but fairly flat on a rack if you can.

When the jacket is nearly dry you can tumble dry it according to the instructions on the garment, take care to use the correct temperature because some very light face fabrics need to be tumbled cold.

If all this sounds too much hassle, there are some specialist companies who can clean and repair down products. We recommend 

Mountaineering Designs: