Foot Pieces

Mountain Equipment’s Bulls Eye Foot Piece was one in a long-line of industry first innovations when it first appeared in 1993. Radically improving insulation around the feet by reducing compression and maximising loft and down control in this key area, it changed sleeping bag design forever. Similarly the introduction of our angled foot piece, the Sharks Toe, in 2003 was another major innovation that has been much copied but never bettered. Our Trapezium foot pieces take these key design ideas forwards, better than ever before, their design follows exhaustive research and analysis at the University of Leeds and feedback from countless users. Its revised geometric profile mirrors that of an Isosceles Trapezium, which thanks to its two offset side walls affords the user more comfort and minimises down compression. There are three variations on the Trapezium foot piece, each geared towards different uses and environments:

Foot Piece

Trapezium 2

A two baffle foot piece with enlarged internal dimensions to maximise comfort in less extreme conditions.

Trapezium 4

A four baffle foot piece featuring our unique Bulls Eye Technology and offset Sharks Toe Foot that is engineered for our lightest, technical sleeping bags. Its baffle construction restricts down migration whilst keeping weight and bulk to a minimum.

Trapezium 6

A 6 baffle foot piece, our most advanced design, and featuring both our Bulls Eye Technology and offset Sharks Toe foot construction. Its highly sophisticated baffle system maximises thermal efficiency for the coldest and most demanding environments.

Foot Pieces