Neck Baffles & Draft Tubes

Our neck baffles and draft tubes are designed to work in conjunction with our exceptional ‘Down Control’ hoods to minimise heat loss. Using either the Gemini or Solus design, each system can be filled with either down, synthetic insulation or a combination of both fillings to better manage thermal efficiency, weight and bulk.

Gemini Baffle


With two overlapping anti-snag draft tubes and a fully integrated neck collar, the Gemini System provides the highest level of heat retention. Its collar features a unique top side-wall, attached directly to the bags upper body that maximises loft and eradicates a common cold-spot found on other bags.


Using a single anti-snag draft tube and semifloating neck collar, the Solus collar features a wider and deeper baffle chamber to improve stability and maximise loft making it the perfect combination of warmth versus weight.

Solus Baffle