Uisdean is a Scottish climber and alpinist best known for his winter climbing and Alpine exploits

He has made numerous first-ascents in Scotland including the first winter ascent of the Giant (described as “one of the most important winter ascents in Cairngorm climbing history”) and The Messiah at a mighty grade X. He has also repeated numerous hard routes including the Secret (XIII) and Shoot the Breeze (IX).

Abroad, he has climbed the North Face of Mount Alberta, Hyper Couloir and Divine Providence on Mont Blanc, and the American Direct on the Dru. He enjoys all disciplines of climbing, and running too, but is happiest in the mountains.

When at home, Uisdean lives in the North West of Scotland and is a fully qualified joiner.

“I really love climbing in Scotland it is very unique and has provided me with so many amazing adventures. Over the last year I have been feeling the draw of bigger objectives overseas, I’m psyched to continue to explore the higher mountains and experience all the physical and mental challenges that come with long committing routes in remote places. I love the fact I’m constantly learning in these environments and no matter if you fail or succeed its life enriching experience you won’t forget”

Uisdean, along with Tom Livingstone, loves a good spoon-bivvy, and this has led to us making in-house a two person custom sleeping bag for them with a tent groundsheet. The sheer amount of days out that Uisdean does has also made him an excellent tester of kit’s durability: if it survives a year out with Uisdean then it’ll easily survive a decade with most normal climbers.

Head to Uisdean’s website at uisdeanhawthorn.com to see some fairly exceptional photographs.