A Good Night's Sleep Guaranteed

Proven technology that guarantees a good night’s sleep...

Our sleeping bags have travelled unsupported to both poles, been on every British first ascent of an 8000m peak and been used on well over 100 Everest Expeditions. In fact, every night of the year, somewhere in the world, someone is sleeping comfortably inside a Mountain Equipment sleeping bag. This has resulted in an unsurpassed amount of data and feedback from people experienced in sleeping in real-world conditions, the analysis of which has made today’s range of Mountain Equipment sleeping bags our best ever. So confident are we that our sleeping bags will keep your warm and comfortable, in addition to the EN13537 laboratory ratings we quote, you will now see that every Mountain Equipment sleeping bag comes with a separate ‘A Good Night’s Sleep Guaranteed’ temperature rating. Resulting from a combination of scientific testing, countless field trials and exhaustive expedition testing, this temperature rating provides an indication as to the minimum temperature that we feel the bag should be comfortable to for an experienced user. Should you decide that the sleeping bag you’ve purchased is not as warm as you’d expected it to be we’ll upgrade your bag to one of a warmer specification – giving you peace of mind *

*Valid within 30 days of purchase. It is the responsibility of the customer to return the sleeping bag to the retail store from which it was purchased and to pay any difference in cost between their existing sleeping bag and the one they wish to upgrade to. Due to legal regulations, this additional warranty programme is not available in all territories – please contact your Mountain Equipment representative for more information.