Frequently Asked Questions

Product Guarantees
Sleeping Bags - Lifetime Guarantee

Mountain Equipment down sleeping bags are designed and manufactured to the highest possible standards, are built to last and should provide you with many years of dependable service.

As such all Mountain Equipment down sleeping bags are fully guaranteed to the original purchaser for a minimum of 10 years and beyond this for the useable lifetime of the product. Therefore should one of our sleeping bags fail you due to a defect in components, materials and / or workmanship we will, at our discretion, repair or replace it free of charge*

*Proof of Purchase required. This guarantee does not cover damage caused by normal wear & tear, misuse use or cover any claims for consequential losses. Nothing contained within this guarantee affects your statutory rights as a consumer that may vary from country to country.

Sleeping Bags - ‘A good night guaranteed’

Our sleeping bags have travelled unsupported to both poles, been on every British first ascent of an 8000m peak and been used on well over 100 Everest Expeditions. In fact, every night of the year,somewhere in the world, someone is sleeping comfortably inside a Mountain Equipment sleeping bag.

This has resulted in an unsurpassed amount of data and feedback from people experienced in sleeping in real-world conditions, the analysis of which has made today’s range of Mountain Equipment sleeping bags our best ever. So confident are we that our sleeping bags will keep your warm and comfortable, in addition to the EN13537 laboratory ratings we quote, you will now see that every Mountain Equipment sleeping bag comes with a separate ‘A Good Night’s Sleep Guaranteed’ temperature rating. Resulting from a combination of scientific testing, countless field trials and exhaustive expedition testing, this temperature rating provides an indication as to the minimum temperature that we feel the bag should be comfortable to for an experienced user.

Should you decide that the sleeping bag you’ve purchased is not as warm as you’d expected it to be we’ll upgrade your bag to one of a warmer specification – giving you peace of mind to go above & beyond.*

*Valid within 30 days of purchase. It is the responsibility of the customer to return the sleeping bag to the retail store from which it was purchased and to pay any difference in cost between their existing sleeping bag and the one they wish to upgrade to. Due to legal regulations, this additional warranty programme is not available in all territories.

Who do you sponsor?
We have a small team of sponsored athletes who work with us. They are chosen not just because they are operating at the highest levels of outdoor performance but also help us develop our products so that all of us benefit from their experience.
Do you support expeditions with equipment?

Each year we support a few expeditions with preferential deals on our clothing and equipment. Typically these trips will be “Firsts” in the Greater Ranges or Polar Regions of the world. In return we ask for gear feedback, written reports and top quality, high-resolution photographs of our gear in use.

We will also support trips that offer the chance to get the Mountain Equipment brand exposed to a wider audience. Have a look through the website to see who we have supported in the past, if your plans are similar to these please contact us.

Do you support charity expeditions?

There has been an explosion of fund raising “expeditions” over the last few years, ranging from a massively over subscribed frenzy to do the Three Peaks Challenge to more esoteric events in all parts of the world.

The owners and staff of Mountain Equipment make charitable donations that they feel comfortable with. We do not support any expeditions because they have a charity aspect to them; they have to fit the other criteria listed above.

Returns & Repairs
What is our product guarantee?

All our products are fully guaranteed to the original purchaser against defects in components, materials and workmanship. If the product is found to be defective before use, or fails during use for one of these reasons we will repair or replace it at our own discretion.

This does not cover damage caused by normal wear and tear, accidents or inappropriate use. It does not cover any claims for consequential loses nor does it affect your statutory rights as a consumer that may vary from country to country. All enquiries regarding the guarantee should be made to the retailer from whom the product was purchased.

I bought in an online auction. Is it still covered under warranty?
The ME warranty is only applicable to the original purchaser with proof of receipt. You should contact the retailer from whom it was purchased.
I have a faulty product that I think should be fixed under guarantee?
Take it back to the retailer where you bought the product, most will require a proof of purchase of some sort. The products should be completely clean when you return them. The retailer will decide whether it is a warranty claim and if so will arrange for the item to be repaired or replaced.
How long do warranty repairs usually take?
The majority of warranty repairs are undertaken in-house. From receipt of goods, repairs usually take around 2 weeks.
How do I get a damaged product repaired?
In the UK we would recommend the following repair services: For down clothing & sleeping bags: Visit Mountaineering Designs.
How does 'Gore-Tex Guaranteed to Keep you Dry' work?

If you are not completely satisfied with the waterproofness, windproofness or breathability of your GORE-TEX® outerwear then we will repair, replace or refund your purchase price.

All GORE-TEX® garments and footwear carry the above mentioned Guaranteed to Keep You Dry™ brand promise.

If you find any reason for complaint, return the item to the store where it was purchased. They will tell you what to do in order to remedy the problem.

Where To Buy
Can I buy Mountain Equipment products online?
Our recommended UK online partners are here. We do not sell direct from this website. The stockist information for each country gives a list of online stockists.
How do I find a retailer who stocks a particular product?
Your local dealer will probably special order something for you if you ask them. If you are struggling to find a particular item, email us and we can tell you who has it in stock.
I have a tube of seam-sealant in my tent repair kit. What is it for?

For our lightweight range of tents we use double silicone coated nylon fabric for the flysheets, this fabric gives us the highest possible tear strength in such lightweight fabrics. It does however mean that the seams cannot be taped.

The seam construction is such that there will not be much leakage, however the waterproofness of the seams will be greatly improved if they are seam sealed, you can do this yourself with the seamseal we provide with the tents. Should you wish to seam seal the seams of your tent flysheet, carefully apply the sealant along the length of the seams on the inside of the flysheet.

Is a groundsheet protector necessary for my tent?
In most circumstances a groundsheet protector should not be necessary. Our groundsheets are designed to be durable and waterproof. However if you are using our lightest tents on a regular basis and weight is not an issue then placing some form of protection underneath will help prolong the life of your tent considerably.
The flysheet of my tent becomes saggy when damp. Is this normal?
Nylon flysheets will partially expand in damp or wet weather and is completely normal. To ensure your tent remains pitched correctly take up any slack by adjusting flysheet tensioners and guying lines. Remember to slacken off again in dry / warm conditions.
There is water on the inside of the flysheet. Is this normal?

In certain conditions, condensation can form on the inside of flysheets, forming large droplets of water that may drip onto the inner tent.

This is normal but can be minimised by opening all vents and opening doors where possible.

Is it safe to cook inside the porch of my tent?

No. Where possible you should always use any stove outside in a well-ventilated area.

At times, weather conditions may force you to cook under cover. This should only be done inside the porch and NEVER inside the inner tent itself. Ensure naked flames are kept away from flammable materials and that you never leave a lit stove unattended. Ask yourself, if your tent caught fire, could you escape?

The poles have developed a permanent bend. Is this normal?
Yes. In certain circumstances aluminium poles may develop a permanent curve. This is entirely normal and will not affect the strength of your tent. Where poles are designed to go through a tight curve, they are pre-bent in the factory.
I’ve accidentally broken a tent pole. Is there anything I can do?
Yes. Mountain Equipment will replace any tent pole, no matter how the damage was caused.
What is the difference between the minimum weight and total weight?

The minimum weight quoted includes only the bare minimum required to pitch the tent in average conditions. This will consist of the inner tent, flysheet and a minimum number of pegs.

The total weight includes repair kits, all spare pegs etc.

Sleeping Bags
I’ve lost the stuff-sack. Do you sell spares?
Yes. In most cases we have spare stuff-sacks available for a wide range of our products.
I’ve bought a sleeping bag and it is not warm enough. What can I do?
Provided it is less than 30 days old, you can upgrade your sleeping bag under our 30-day Good Night’s Sleep guarantee.
I don’t think the temperature rating on my sleeping bag is accurate

All our temperature ratings for our bags are independently verified and meet the requirements stipulated by EN13537.

You should be aware that ratings are only a guide. Please refer to our sleeping bag technical manual for more information.

30 Day Good Night’s Sleep Guarantee
Within 30 days of purchasing your sleeping bag, if you decide it is not quite warm enough you can easily upgrade your bag, you only pay the difference in cost. This can be done through your local retailer or direct with us. Telephone our aftersales department for more information on 0161 3665020.
I’ve torn my salopettes. Is this covered under warranty?
No. Tears from any sharp object such as crampons or an ice axe cannot be guarded against and is classified as normal wear and tear. Products such as salopettes are designed to minimise the chance of this happening but cannot remove the risk entirely.
Is it safe to wash my Gore-Tex Jacket?
Yes. You should periodically wash your Gore-Tex jacket. In fact not washing your jacket may do it more harm than good. The build up of dirt can inhibit the breathability of a fabric as well as shortening its lifespan. See our aftercare guidelines for more information.
I’ve not followed the aftercare instructions. Is it covered under warranty?
No. Our warranty is only valid if the product has been cared for as suggested.