Mountain Equipment & Plas y Brenin Continue Partnership

Mountain Equipment & Plas y Brenin Continue Partnership

Having worked in close partnership with Plas y Brenin, the national mountain centre since 2004, Mountain Equipment is delighted to confirm it will remain their lead sponsor for the foreseeable future.  The enhanced deal cements Mountain Equipment as the principal sponsor of the national centre and will see them continuing to provide their team with a wide range of technical clothing and accessories.

The arrangement will also see Mountain Equipment and Plas y Brenin work together on a wide range of on-going projects which will include Plas y Brenin’s instructional team playing an active role in the development and testing of products in a variety of mountainous environments. The two parties also plan to increase joint marketing and promotional activities as part of a collaborative approach to growth.

Mountain Equipment & Plas y Brenin


“Our instructors are delighted that they will continue to be supplied with the best outdoor clothing in the business. This is a very special partnership. Mountain Equipment listens to our feedback and adjusts their products so we are always assured of kit that is designed to meet the needs of the outdoor professional. The key is expertly designed kit to enable high performance. We are also delighted to support Mountain Equipment in their development of specific technical equipment for women, only one of a few manufacturers who directly focus on this audience’.

Jackie Bryson. Chief Executive of Plas y Brenin and Mountain Training Trust.


“We are really excited to announce that our partnership with Plas y Brenin will continue. It’s now well over a decade since we joined forces and in that time we have built up a close working relationship that goes well beyond simply supplying gear. They have the structure, the focus and the instructional team that provides a natural fit with Mountain Equipment and our products. This new deal will ensure they remain an invaluable resource in helping us to develop the very best climbing and mountaineering gear available.’

Richard Talbot. Director of Product.


Plas y Brenin has a rich and varied history and is regarded by many as the spiritual home of British mountaineering. It develops the people that develop the outdoor sector, a role the centre has played for over 60 years. It is frequently acknowledged as the ‘gold standard’ in training, developing and assessing leaders, coaches and instructors in adventure sport.

The Mountain Training Trust is the educational charity that has the contract to manage Plas y Brenin on behalf of Sport England, who own the national centre.

For further details, please contact Jackie Bryson, Chief Executive of both Plas y Brenin and the Mountain Training Trust – Jackie.Bryson@pyb.co.uk

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