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Polartec Thermal Pro

Mountain Equipment and Polartec® have been working closely together for decades. Polartec® have a long history, existing as Malden Mills since 1906, but their 1981 invention of the modern synthetic fleece is what they are best known for, and which started a revolution in the outdoor market.

Polartec® Thermal Pro® is a fabric platform which highlights just how versatile synthetic fleece can be. Unique surface structures made by numerous different knitting techniques are developed without sacrificing performance. They deliver all the warmth and performance of fleece with a more versatile look and appearance.

The fleeces' plush appearances enhance performance while reducing the weight of the fabric. The fabrics maintain their loft wear after wear and are at least 20% warmer for their weight than standard fleece.

Polartec Thermal Pro® offers exceptional compressibility—up to 40% more than standard fleece so it takes up less space in your pack. Many of our Thermal Pro® fleeces are made from 100% post-consumer waste: they are made from recycled plastic bottles. Go back to the top