The mountains force deep focus on Alpinists.

Actions and thoughts have to become simplified: Move, breathe, step, camp, eat, drink, climb, move. The world shrinks into focussed, deliberate actions, only the immediate matters. An axe point dug into ice. The sound of your breath. The crunch of snow under boot. This focus helps Alpinists go further, climb harder, and achieve.

The same focus that Alpinists apply to reaching their goals, we apply to our products. This focus makes our products the best in the world.

Earthrise Jacket
Following on from the introduction of our own Down Codex® project, Mountain Equipment is now introducing Down Cycle™. Starting with the introduction of clothing made from 100% recycled down our ultimate aim is to introduce a fully closed loop recycling system for down clothing and equipment and to eliminate the need for unwanted products or those at the end of their useable life being sent to landfill.

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