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Our first down insulated clothing to utilise 100% recycled down as well as 100% recycled shell and lining fabrics.


Recycling down reduces landfill and the raw material inputs associated with virgin down, and complements our Down Codex® project.


Down Cycle

Down Cycle is part of our commitment to do business in a more sustainable way. It began in 2017 with the introduction of 100% post-consumer recycled down into our Earthrise range of clothing but also includes a much more ambitious plan to create a functioning closed loop recycling system, ensuring down clothing and sleeping bags which are either unwanted or at the end of their life do not simply get thrown away.


Down Cycle Explained

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Earthrise Recycled Apparel

With 100% recycled down and using 100% recycled fabrics, our Earthrise jackets, vests and skirts are both warm and responsible. Their filling comes entirely from reclaimed duck and goose down that’s been processed to ensure continued performance. The only thing that remains the same is our proven design and construction.


Earthrise Hooded Women's Jacket & Vest

Earthrise Hooded Men's Jacket & Vest

Earthrise Women's Skirt

Insulation defined

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