For when nothing else matters.
Guided by necessity our collection of GORE-TEX Pro clothing and Pants is not something which has been forged overnight. The latest evolutions of our range are all engineered to provide outstanding fit and functionality, stemming from a crafted approach to design and construction which has involved countless people, hours of work and years of experience.
Lhotse Jacket
Our best-selling and multi-award-winning Jacket: this is our definitive Mountaineering Jacket. 40D and 80D GORE-TEX Pro fabrics combine to give the optimum blend of low weight and durability, while the feature set and Alpine fit is perfect for ambitious users.
Manaslu Women's Jacket
One of the very finest Women’s GORE-TEX Pro Jackets on the planet. Proven throughout the world in the most serious environments and yet also a superb all round jacket for any discerning user, the Manaslu Jacket balances weather protection and comfort for any conditions.
Tupilak Jacket
The Tupilak is a modern, streamlined, and purpose-built climbing jacket designed for raw, brutal performance. From first ascents that have won Piolet d’Ors, to back-to-back days out mixed and ice climbing lines of world-class difficulty, this jacket has seen it all.
Shivling Jacket
With all the performance benefits of GORE-TEX Pro, our Alpine fit and Mountain HC Hood the Shivling is a simple and super protective shell for any mountain. Easily weathering the worst storms its low weight and bulk means it can easily be carried just in case in less severe conditions.