Total Eclipse

The Eclipse series has been in our range for almost a decade. Spearheaded by the revolutionary Eclipse Hooded Zip T (the Eclipse Hoody to anyone outside of a marketing department), it has been a favourite with staff, reviewers and our pro team ever since its inception.


The Eclipse Hoody was designed to be the best winter baselayer/midlayer available, keeping out biting winds and cold air without the faff of dealing with masks or balaclavas. Painstaking prototyping to ensure that the hood worked up or down, with or without a helmet, took months, but the design was eventually perfected. In fact, the hood design has barely changed since its inception.


The Eclipse has been worn on countless world-first expeditions from the Himalayas to the South Pole to Canada, and by plenty of people day-in day-out whether climbing, on skis, or just in the mountains. We’ve even had guides confide in us that underneath the clothes they’re contracted to wear they’ve always got an ME Eclipse on.  


Behind the design

'I’m really proud of the Eclipse Hoody, it was a style I worked on way back in my early days at Mountain Equipment. It was always intended to be an uncompromising piece of kit and it remains so today. We prototyped it fully in-house and created something we were really happy with, it’s totally stood the test of time with only a few tweaks along the way.'


Sam Stephenson, Head of Design


Total Eclipse

Lightweight fleece defined by a decade of experience.


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