Where craft meets practice

The making of our GORE-TEX PRO jackets

Mountain Equipment began designing and manufacturing GORE-TEX jackets in 1977 with the launch of our Cascade Jacket; that same year Apple launched the Series II, its first home computer. Just as technology has moved on, so too have our jackets.


The latest evolution of our GORE-TEX PRO range is engineered to provide outstanding fit and functionality. It has taken countless people with many years of experience thousands of hours to produce.


Understanding fundamentals

By the time a product reaches the end of one of our production lines it is likely that we have spent hundreds of hours thinking about, designing and refining every part of it.


The process of developing products is cycle of never-ending repetition which feeds off the stories and practical experiences of us and our wider team, evaluating what could work better and be improved as well as what works and should be left alone.


The result is a product which is designed for a purpose, and designed by necessity to do the basics well.

Practicing craft

Our Gore-Tex PRO garments are produced with one of our longest standing manufacturing partners; based in Hungary and with manufacturing facilities also in Ukraine, we have partnered with them for almost half of the 40 years for which they have been making garments. With a dedicated team of skilled and highly experienced machinists, pattern cutters and technicians they produce everything from full production runs to prototypes, small-runs for mountain rescue teams or one-offs for expeditions, each with the same dedicated team of people behind them.



On average, a Mountain Equipment GORE-TEX PRO jacket is made up of 58 individual pieces, more than 13 metres of seam-tape and takes around 5 hours and a team of thirty people to assemble.


Much of the devil is in the detail and in the craft required to incorporate and construct features which you hopefully never notice - because they work - but which from a manufacturing perspective are challenging and time-consuming.


Built for Alpinism

Blending expert practice with expert design, our updated range of GORE-TEX PRO has been crafted solely with climbing, mountaineering and ski-mountaineering in mind. We don’t make our GORE-TEX PRO jackets for any other purpose and it is for this reason why we have chosen to use only GORE-TEX PRO Most Breathable.


GORE-TEX PRO utilises a revolutionary multi-layer ePTFE-based membrane system and combines high performance face textiles with their patented Micro Grid Backer technology. The latest generation of GORE-TEX PRO deliver up to 28% more breathability compared to previous versions. The result is better comfort in the most extreme conditions for those who venture out on the most committing mountain days.