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Organic Cotton

Cotton is an ancient fibre, worn by mankind for millenia. It is extremely comfortable, soft, long-lasting and easy to care for. Despite advances in fibre and fabric technology, the fibre we find outselves wearing most often day-to-day, whether it is a pair of jeans, a soft hoodie or a t-shirt, is cotton. More cotton has been produced through history than any other fibre.

Despite cotton being both commonplace and 'natural', it is not without its downfalls: a staggering amount of water is required to grow it, pesticides pollute the farmland and rivers near where it grows, and its production slowly erodes soil. The dyeing and finishing of cotton frequently uses large amounts of chemicals, and cotton's slow drying increases the chance of a consumer using an iron or tumble drier on their garment, which vastly increases the garment's carbon footprint. There is in fact an argument that regular cotton is among the most damaging of all fibres used in making garments.

Organic cotton is different. It is produced with far fewer pesticides, much less water, its production emits far less carbon dioxide, its production often leads to healthier soil, and its finishing is often more envionmentally sensitive. If you are buying a cotton t-shirt then the use of organic cotton makes it a much more sustainable choice. It is then down to you to wash it responsibly and only when its needed, to air-dry whenever possible, and to keep it for as long as possible. All of our cotton garments are made with 100% organic cotton.
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